I maintain gift registries on several sites to make purchasing something I'd value easier. This page is designed to make locating these registries easier. A recent change with Amazon elimininated the ability to search for public wishlists. Instead one is supposed to email a request to the registry owner (me) to have it added to their Amazon profile.

The single best gift you can give me is NOTHING. I am lucky enough to have all that I need. Items on my wishlists are just "wants" - I require nothing. If you feel you must give me something then consider a donation to St. Jude Children's Hospital on my behalf, or just plant a tree and send me a picture!

Amazon wishlist for Joey Haven (Charles Haven) a technology, cooking, and gardening aficionado in North Carolina

My Amazon wishlist is the largest, most diverse, and is the easiest from which to purchase. The items on this list are varied from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars and shipping information is already supplied.

You can even use the wishlist to get ideas and purchase items elsewhere. Just mark the item as purchased elsewhere on the Amazon site.

Target gift list for Joey Haven (Charles Haven) a technology, cooking, and gardening aficionado in North Carolina

I would prefer to buy from Target over Amazon but, the cart restrictions and availability force me to use Amazon more. That said, Target is local to me and is the best place for household supplies.

Shipping information should be applied automatically at checkout. In addition, you can opt to have the items shipped to the store for pick-up, which may save money by eliminating shipping costs.

Generally I am opposed to gift cards. However, I understand the ease of using them as gifts, especially last-minute gifts. The following restaurants and stores are ones that I frequent which are easy to purchase and can be emailed. If you choose to send a gift card be certain to use the correct email address (use copy-and-paste): [email protected]

Note: McDonald's and Wendy's do not offer an e-gift option. They only offer physical cards which also include a delivery charge.

Note: For moral reasons I do not shop at Walmart and will not use a gift card if given one. It would be re-gifted.

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The page is to aid in searching for and finding wishlist information for Charles Haven (aka Joey Haven) a retired IT professional in North Carolina.